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Our PTO is made up of parents and teachers working together to improve the educational experience of students.  If you'd like to learn more about the PTO and how to get involved, or have questions, contact one of our board members or email the PTO at 




Melissa Case & Eileen Steffen 


The PTO Co-Presidents are responsible for the planning of calendar of events for the school year, managing all meetings, meeting & coordinating with the school principal on a regular basis, overseeing all activities and chair people, stepping in to chair events if needed, planning all PTO meeting agendas, organizing pre-board meetings, being present at all PTO school events, and speaking at Back To School Night.


Each president historically serves a 2-year term, on a staggered basis, so that one Co-President will remain on the board when the other Co-President's term is up.  This ensures that the incoming Co-President is properly trained in the responsibilities of this important role, and that the procedures that are to be followed are adequately and thoroughly understood. 





Catherine Lu 


The treasurer receives and manages all monies of the organization and any other funds raised by any committee of the organization.  The treasurer is responsible for keeping accurate records of all receipts and expenditures, and will pay out funds in accordance with the approved budget.  The treasurer maintains one general bank account for the organization and a separate accounting for the purposes of managing any funds raised by the committees.  Additionally, she/he will be responsible for reconciling the bank account on a regular basis, and reporting on the current standings of the bank account and budget at each PTO meeting. 


At the last PTO meeting of the school year, the treasurer shall submit to the membership for approval by majority vote, a budget for the following fiscal year.  Per PTO bylaws, the fiscal year runs 7/1-6/30.






Wioletta Tuliszewski 


The secretary of the PTO is responsible for recording the minutes of all meetings of the organization.  The secretary is also tasked with having working knowledge of the PTO bylaws, and shall conduct the correspondence of the organization.  She/He will also maintain the organization's copy of Robert's Rules of Order.  The secretary may, from time to time, be delegated additional duties by other members of the Executive Board.  The secretary is expected to attend all Executive Board Meetings and is to be present at all general membership meetings for the recording of minutes. 



VP of Cultural Affairs


Stephanie Diani 


The VP is responsible for assemblies from the beginning to the end, including: updating the assembly web page (with the assistance of the Webmaster), coordinating payment, signing the contracts, making sure that the school has everything they need for the assemblies and greeting/attending the presenter.

The VP of Cultural Affairs receives a yearly budget ($12K for the 2019/2020 year) that is voted on by the membership at the close of the prior school year.  I also work with the VPs from West Ridge so that we can coordinate our assemblies where possible so that we get a discount.

I plan to have an assembly every month other than May.  I usually spend some of the summer planning the assemblies and meeting with Mr. Stokes and the VPs from West Ridge.  The more you do in the summer the less you have to plan throughout the year.  The most important part is making sure you communicate with Mr. Stokes and Mrs. Syring.

Outside of assemblies, all PTO board members need to attend executive board meetings and membership meetings.  We also work together on the bigger decisions and help out when PTO events are in need of assistance.

The great thing about assemblies is that you get to spend a lot of time at the school and see your kids and other kids enjoy the assemblies.

It is a 2 year term.





Cari Balderama


This is a new board position for the 2021/2022 school year.  It will replace the former Communications Chairperson(s) Position.  Historically, the Communications Chairpersons were responsible for having thorough working knowledge of the "back end" or "dashboard" of the website, where the primary functions of the website are housed.  The Webmaster will also be responsible for updating the Home Page of the PTO website on a regular basis, in order to provide the most up-to-date information to the membership.  Additionally, the Webmaster(s) will be tasked with sending out weekly or bi-weekly newsletters, whose frequency will be determined by the members of the executive board.  Any other communications that need to be sent out in a timely manner will be the responsibility of the Webmaster(s).  Finally, all official PTO social media communications will be the responsibility of the Webmaster(s).


As with all members of the executive board, the Webmaster(s) will attend Executive Board Meetings and General Membership meetings.  They will maintain open lines of communication with other board members and committee chairs to ensure that all communication regarding PTO events or news is relayed in a timely manner. 




6/3 - Last PTO Meeting 7PM

6/5 - 2nd Grade Field Trip/4th Grade Historic Walk

6/7 - Spirit Day Beach Day Theme

6/7 - PTO Assembly

6/13 - Safety Field Trip

6/14 - Field Day

6/17 - Field Day Rain Date

6/18 - 1PM Dismissal

6/19 - 1PM Dismissal/6th Grade Promotion Ceremony and Lunch

6/20 - 1PM Dismissal/Last Day of School

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