Official Kickoff 9/18/23!


Water donations and parent volunteers needed!



Congrats to our top fundraiser, Tahsin S.!!!

Congrats to our week 1 highest earner with $470 raised, Emory J.!

Congrats to our week 2 highest earners with $300 raised by each, Gia P. and Johnny P.!

Congrats to our week 3 highest earners with $240 raised by each, Jacklyn S. and Riley S.!




The week 1-3 highest earning student(s) will be determined by the student(s) who have fundraised the most funds during that particular week (this may or may not be the student(s) with the highest amount fundraised overall) by Friday morning of that week.


The highest earning student per class will be awarded to the student from each HR who has raised the most funds by Thursday, 10/19 at 11:59AM.  Parents will be notified by Thursday evening via email.


All other winners of prizes will be determined by the funds raised as of Thursday, 10/19, at 11:59PM.



Friday, 10/20

(rain date: Monday, 10/23)


All parents are invited to attend

1:00pm - Grades K-3

1:50PM - Pizza the Principal

2:00pm - Grades 4-6





Congratulations to our Star Fundraisers:


Superstar Students with donations of $300 or more:

Olivia A., Brianna B., Declan B., Carl C., Giuliana C., Rocco G., Emory J., Kennedy K., Matteo L., Carmelo M., Gia P., Johnny P., Tahsin S., Jacklyn S., Riley S.



Rock Star Students with donations of $200 or more:

Molly A., Sophia B., Jack B., Sophie D., Cody K., Sydney K., Tommy John K., Charles L., Christian L., Lorenzo M., Salvatore M., Katerina M., Alexander M., Amelia M., Vinkrish P., Emery Q., Daniel R., Joshua R., Olivia R., Gavin R., Jesse S., Michael S., Ryleigh W.



Star Students with donations of $50 or more:

Teagan A., Will A., Morgan A., Matthew B., Lucas B., Bear B., Sadie B., Emily B., Melanie B., Ellie C., Katie C., Eliza C., Harper D., Adrianna D., Jaxon D., RJ D., Lorik D., Brendan D., Ella D., Lily D., Tyler D., Charleigh E., Ronan E., Cole F., Sarah F., Nicholas F., Christian G., James G., Luca G., Cassandra G., Narineh H., Edward J., Aria K., Kyrie K., Samy K., Jasper L., Shane L., Jared M., Ellah M., Rory M., Noah M., Karina M., Madlena M., Ella N., Ellie O., Haleigh O., Matthew P., Ryan P., Olivia P., Caroline P., James P., Molly P., Nora P., Krish P., David P., Jocelyn P., Damon R., Logan R., Logan R., Adelyn S., Connor S., Declan S., Lorenzo S., Christina S., Penny S., Devon S., Jonah S., Jadyn T., Joey T., Ceyda U., Penelope V., Joey V., Lucas Z., Hunter Z., Logan Z.



Questions? Email us!





6/3 - Last PTO Meeting 7PM

6/5 - 2nd Grade Field Trip/4th Grade Historic Walk

6/7 - Spirit Day Beach Day Theme

6/7 - PTO Assembly

6/13 - Safety Field Trip

6/14 - Field Day

6/17 - Field Day Rain Date

6/18 - 1PM Dismissal

6/19 - 1PM Dismissal/6th Grade Promotion Ceremony and Lunch

6/20 - 1PM Dismissal/Last Day of School

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