Lunch Orders


As of December 2023, we will be working with local businesses to provide lunch options for our faculty and students.



Orders will be placed monthly via Membership Toolkit forms for Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays with the exception of pizza (orders 2x per year) and ice cream (order 1x per year).
Please note, you do not have to order for all of the weeks of the month if you do not want to, you can order the same or different items for each week, and you can order multiple items for the same day.  However, you must place an order for the entire month at one time as we only offer monthly ordering and the forms are automatically removed from your Open Forms once you place an order. 
No refunds or changes for any reason after the date forms close.

Follow These Steps to Place Your December Lunch Orders:

1. View the Video Tutorial.

2. Open the desired form in your Open Forms (there is a different form for each day - Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays).


3. Select the total quantity needed for the entire month (Ex. December requires a minimum quantity of 3 to cover all 3 weeks in December).
4. Assign a date to each item (if you are unable to assign multiple dates, you have not selected the proper quantity to cover all of the dates needed).
Click on Items in Your Cart to check your order before submitting!



6/3 - Last PTO Meeting 7PM

6/5 - 2nd Grade Field Trip/4th Grade Historic Walk

6/7 - Spirit Day Beach Day Theme

6/7 - PTO Assembly

6/13 - Safety Field Trip

6/14 - Field Day

6/17 - Field Day Rain Date

6/18 - 1PM Dismissal

6/19 - 1PM Dismissal/6th Grade Promotion Ceremony and Lunch

6/20 - 1PM Dismissal/Last Day of School

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